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North Henry Tigers - 2008 V103/Frank Ski Bowl Champions!!!

By: Coach Brown

It is a beautiful thing to see when young men come together for a common cause and fight through adversities to accomplish their goals! It is just a beautiful thing to witness!

I want to congratulate the North Henry Tigers (140 lbs.) Football Team for winning the 2008 V103/Frank Ski Bowl. These young men have won an astounding 72 straight games and were scored upon for the first time in 5 seasons this past season. That is amazing!

What is even more commendable is the way these young men carry themselves. Their Coach was speaking on V103 (103.3fm WVEE Atlanta, GA) before the Frank Ski Bowl Tournament started and instead of selling "woof" tickets, this Coach spoke about playing for God and having character and he told Atlanta, GA that if they wanted to see a God-fearing, well Coached, hard-hitting team that plays hard and gets after it, they need to come check out the North Henry Tigers. Their cheer was, "who do we play for, GOD!!!" Then Wanda Smith, Frank Ski's Co-Host said, "God is good, and then the team said, "all the time!" Wanda said, "oh-yeah, these boys are ready!"

The 140 lb. North Henry Tigers took care of business and brought home the big trophy! Congratulations once again to their Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, Team Moms, Parents, and other supporters that have obviously been teaching these young men how to play football the right way and how to carry themselves in even a better way!!!

A major shout-out to Frank Ski and V103 for putting this great youth football event together and definitely a big thank you to all the sponsors involved.

May God continue to Bless each and every one you!!!

Proud Soccer Moments!!!

By: Michelle Wilson (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; Thurs., Nov. 6, 2008/C9)

Girls Club Defends U-13 Soccer Title

The Tophat Soccer Club Under-13 God Girls soccer team won the prestigious Washington Area Girls Soccer Tournament in Washington, D.C., for the second year in a row.

Tophat went unbeaten in pool play, then beat Match Fit United (N.J.) 3-1 in the semifinals and TNFC/Impact (Tenn.) 3-0 in the final to win the A flight in the 13-and-under division. Team members are Grant Wilmer, Teresa Durham, Rebecca Schoen, Anne Boydston, Sheridan Nulty, Stella Gardner, Elyse Ensor, Kaitlyn Orman, Evelyn Hobbs, Lydia Katrin, Stephanie Krouskos, Apolline Duchamp, Kirby Retherford, Kimberlin Rogers, Liza Linginfelter, Rachael Western and Coach Ted Colburn. "These girls are very competitive and have really jelled as a team over the past year," Colburn said. "If they continue to improve as they do, I expect them to be a nationally ranked team within the next few years."

Washaun Ealey-Georgia Touchdown Record Holder!

By: Todd Holcomb
(Atlanta Journal-Constitution; D10 - Sat. Oct. 18, 2008;

Washaun Ealey remembers his first touchdown. It was his first high school game. "It was when I was in the ninth grade against Atkinson County," Ealey said. "It was more like a pass. I broke a couple of tackles. They had it in the newspaper: 'Ealey sheds tacklers.'"

Three years later, Touchdown No. 112 will make a few newspapers, too.

Ealey - who is averaging more than 2.5 touchdowns per game for Emanuel County Institute (ECI) since the first one - holds the state record for career touchdowns after scoring three Friday night against Johnson County in a 35 - 12 victory. Ealey has 113, breaking the record of Pacelli's Matt Dunham, who had 111 during the 2001 - 04 seasons.

"All I ever wanted was to get better so I could get a scholarship to Georgia," he says.

With Ealey scoring a Georgia single-season record of 58 touchdowns, ECI won its first state title in 2007 in Class A.

Ealey is one of just five state players to surpass 100 touchdowns in a career. Herschel Walker, who played at Johnson County in the late 1970's, had 86.

"The record, it's not really on my mind," he said. "It's a good thing, but we're just trying to win another state championship."

Coach Brown's Thoughts:

It is always great to see a young person accomplish something great! Washaun Ealey appears to be a humble young man along with having been Blessed with great athletic ability. I Pray that his college career is as successful as his high school career! Congratulations Washaun!!!

GA Monarchs Baseball 12u

On August 2, 2008, The GA Monarchs 11u Baseball Team was honored at the Clayton County Back to School Rally at Lovejoy Regional Park in Lovejoy, GA. The team was recognized by New Birth South Metropolitan Church. The GA Monarchs 11u Baseball Team finished their 2008 Season with a record of 36 wins & 16 Losses. They won two (2) Tournaments including a District Tournament Championship and finished third (3rd) in the State. The GA Monarchs were also invited to Brooklyn, NY for the AABC World Series which signified their third (3rd) year in a row to qualify for a World Series Birth. Their best finish was in 2007 in Panama City, FL for the Grand Slam Sports World Series with a fourth (4th) place finish!

This past weekend, Oct. 4th-5th, 2008, The GA Monarchs 12u Baseball Team kicked off its Fall Ball Season with a Championship at the 2008 Henry County Fall Slug Fest Tournament (USSSA) in Hampton, GA!!!

Congratulations GA Monarchs!!!

Georgia Stars Youth Basketball Program!!!

By: Coach Brown

This report is very close to my heart because my little cousin, Milz Tatum, and the rest of his GA Stars 10u Basketball Team (Coach Thompson) won the 10u Black YBOA National Championship in Orlando, FL in August 2008. The GA Stars are one of the Elite Youth Basketball Programs in the country and they are continuing to produce College-Bound Student Athletes and NBA Players!

Along with their 10u Team (Coach Thompson) bringing home the big trophy this year, Patrick Ewing, Jr. of Georgetown University was the 43rd pick in this year's NBA Draft. Ewing, Jr. is a GA Stars Alumnus.

Current GA Stars and College-Bound Players include Kenny Hall (Tennessee), Glen Rice, Jr. (Georgia Tech), Kammeron Holsey (Georgia Tech) & Jordan Callahan (Tulane).

Visit to receive more information on the Georgia Stars!!!

I would like to congratulate all the parents, coaches and businesses that support these young men and contribute to their success!

It is our job as adults, parents, teachers, coaches, etc. to help position our children for success!

One Love!

Brett Favre - It's a New Day!

Thoughts by: Coach Brown

I intentionally waited to write this blog in reference to Brett Favre. I have mixed feelings, but at the end of the day, I needed to write about it and get it off of my chest.

There is no doubt that when Brett Favre does actually retire that he is going to be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer. Absolutely no doubt, that's why it's hard for me to understand why the Green Bay Packers would not welcome him back as their starting quarterback after he led them to the NFC Championship game last Season. That is one game away from the Superbowl! Amazing!

I do understand the business side of the NFL and since the Packers invested in Aaron Rodgers several years ago to take over for Brett when he was finished on the playing field. Obviously, the Packers felt like the time was now for Aaron to take over.

I believe that Brett & the Packers Organization have been going back and forth about his retirement or stepping away for the past couple of seasons and that there has been a great miscommunication between the two parties. Of course, there is a selfishness issue on both sides. Brett believes he can still play at a very high level and the Packers believe it is time to give Aaron a shot and build for the future. It would seem like they could work this out, but apparently they could not. I must give credit to the Packers for at least offering Brett 20 Million Dollars to stay retired and not play for another team. However, Brett wanted to still play and he basically forced a trade to the New York Jets.

Here's the deal from my point of view. We all have to respect the history of the game and Brett is a living/playing legend. He has earned the right to decide when he wants to retire. The Packers and Brett should have communicated better and made a solid decision. Brett should have taken the business side of the game into consideration and realized that once he retired, the Packers had no choice but to move forward and prepare Aaron to take over as quarterback. It hurts both sides when one or both of the parties are wishey-washey.

At the end of the day, Brett gets a chance to continue to play and the Packers move forward with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback which is what both sides actually wanted to do. Prayfully, everything works out for both Brett and the Packers.

Jeremy Tyler - Top Basketball Player in Class of 2010

From: Sports Illustrated (Double Issue; July 14 -21, 2008; pg. 140)

JEREMY TYLER - 16 yrs. old (6' 11'; 245 lbs.)

Position: Forward
Hometown: San Diego, California (San Diego High School)

Achievements:'s top player in the class of 2010, Jeremy averaged 18.0 points, 14.5 rebounds and 7.7 blocks while leading San Diego High to its first section title in 33 years.

Reminiscent of: Amare` Stoudemire. Jeremy (6' 11', 245) is about the same size as his idol, and he's keen to match Stoudemire's intensity. "He's intimidating as much as athletic," says Jeremy. "Everyone's scared of him."

Coach's comment: "Tyler brings a dominant presence to the court," says Cavers coach Kenny Roy. "He was more of a post player, but now he's getting outside and hitting the 15-foot jump shot and still attacking the glass."

Next step: Jeremy has been trailed by a film crew since last season for a possible documentary about his life. Though even college is still two years away, he's a worthy subject. "The best player to come out of San Diego is Bill Walton," says Roy. "Here's a young man with the opportunity to shatter [that notion]."

If you know someone from age 7 to 15 who excels in sports, does well in school and gives back to the community, go to to nominate him or her by Sept. 1, 2008. Sports Illustrated will announce the 10 finalists on Sept. 15, 2008 and the winner will appear on the December 2008 cover of SI Kids.

Welcome to Brown Youth Sports

*Welcome By: Barry M. Brown (Coach Brown) - GA Monarchs Baseball

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting the Brown Youth Sports Blog! I am very excited to be writing a blog about youth sports because I am a direct product of youth sports and if my parents didn't introduce me to sports at an early age, I really don't know what direction my life would have gone. So I am very thankful to God to Bless me with outstanding parents that supported me throughout my athletic career to be the best playcr I could be, but just as important or more important is the fact that they emphasized being an excellent STUDENT and PERSON as well!

Just to give you a little bit of background on me, I am an Atlanta, GA native that moved with my family to Washington, DC when I was five (5) years old. My mom and dad signed me up to play soccer when I was six (6) years old and my sports career blasted off. My family moved back to Atlanta, GA when I was seven (7) years old and I continued playing soccer at the SouthWest YMCA for two (2) more seasons. When I turned eight (8) years old, I was introduced to Little League Football and started playing football at Ben Hill Recreation Center. The next spring, I was introduced to Little League Baseball and I started my baseball career at Sandtown Park. My soccer career was officially over, but I found the 2 sports that I would play all the way up through high school (Morrow High School; Morrow, GA) and the one (1) sport I would play in college (Presbyterian College; Clinton, SC) which was Football.

Here are the Youth Sports Organiztions that helped develop me and that I owe a lot of love to:

1. Montgomery Soccer - Black Cougars (Washington, DC)
2. SouthWest YMCA (Atlanta, GA) - Soccer
3. Ben Hill Recreation Center (Atlanta, GA) - Football
4. Sandtown Park (Atlanta, GA) - Baseball & Football
5. Adams Park (Atlanta, GA) - Baseball
6. Jim Mitchell Golden Falcons (East Point, GA) - Football
7. Boys & Girls Club (Savannah, GA) - Football
8. Morrow-Lake City Park (Lake City, GA) - Baseball

Thank you!!!

I currently coach the GA Monarchs Baseball Team (11u and moving to 12u next spring) and we play out of Hidden Valley-Fairview Park in Henry County. We had another great season this year by winning our Henry County League, The Rumble in the Valley Tournament, The AABC District Tournament and we finished third (3rd) in the State. We've had five (5) of these young men since they were 5 years old and it has been a pleasure and honor to coach & teach these young men. It is an awesome feeling watching these young men develop and grow!

When you visit and/or subscribe to the Brown Youth Sports Blog, you will receive information about different topics that pertain to youth sports like safety, fundamentals, education, success stories, training, recruiting, team acknowledgements and so on. Please make comments on the different blogs and let's get into some great discussions that will help our children.

One Love!